The creators of the Student Alcohol Responsibility Training (START) would like to thank the following groups and individuals who assisted in creating this program.

The creators would first like to thank the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Through a federal grant, the ADA has funded the development of START and many other programs aimed to help Missouri college students make safer choices.

Content for START has been borrowed and modified from the following sources:

  1. The “Underage Access at Special Events” presentation given by Nancy McGee June 24, 2008, at the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws training, Jefferson City
  2. The “Improving Communities and Enhancing Safety through Bar Security Training”, presentation from the 2007 Meeting of the Minds conference, given by Scott Friedlein, March 1, 2007, Kansas City.
  3. The Wellness Resource Center Off Campus Housing website
  4. The “What’s Your Degree Worth” brochure, developed by the Missouri Partners in Prevention
  5. The Missouri College Health Behavior Survey, 2007 edition
  6. The Wellness Survey, 2007 edition
  7. The House Parties Guide, developed by the University of Central Missouri
  8. Sexual assault information gathered by the University of Missouri Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center
  9. Information gathered from the Party Smart brochure, developed by the University of Missouri Wellness Resource Center
  10. Many various phone interviews with members of the Missouri Partners in Prevention Coalition

A very big thank you to all schools and agencies that provided the pictures in START:

  1. University of Missouri GAMMA
  2. Harris Stowe University
  3. Lincoln University
  4. The Columbia, Missouri Police Department

Finally, a special thanks to all participants in the START Advisory Board. Without their assistance, this program would not be possible.

  1. Natalie Bruce, Advising, Counseling and Testing services at Missouri Southern State University
  2. L. Randy Carter, Coordinator of Student Development and Judicial Affairs
  3. Kim Dude, Director of the Wellness Resource Center at the University of Missouri
  4. Renee Getz, Health Educator, Student Health Services, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  5. Aaron Golden, Public Safety Officer, Missouri Southern State University
  6. Dr. David Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs/Director Office of Citizenship and Community Standards, Truman State University
  7. Ken Kennedy, Director of Public Safety, Missouri Southern State University
  8. Amy Kiger, Assistant Director, Health Services, University of Central Missouri
  9. Tiffany Kroeze, Program Administrator/Greek Life Advisor, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  10. Kenny Mayberry, Southeast Missouri State University Campus Police
  11. Joan Masters, Director of the Missouri Partners in Prevention
  12. Nancy McGee, Special Agent with the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control
  13. Angela Perkins, Program/Project Support Specialist for the Center for Educational Research & Teaching Innovation (CERTI)
  14. Barb Prewett, Director of Student Affairs at the Missouri University of Science and Technology
  15. Jenny Rabas, University of Central Missouri
  16. Jerilyn Reed, Missouri State University
  17. Jessica Schlosser, Coordinator of SMART, CHEERS and Drive Safe/Drive Smart
  18. Beth Tuttle, Truman State University
  19. Deloise Williams, Lincoln University

Special thanks to the STEP UP! Program, developed by The University of Arizona C.A.T.S. Life Skills Program in partnership with the NCAA in cooperation with The BACCHUS Network and APPLE Conference.